General Terms and Conditions


1. Basic provisions

These General Terms and Conditions set the relations between the buyer and the seller in the area of selling goods between the company electron Plus, s.r.o (hereinafter as „the seller“) and its business partners (hereinafter as „the buyer“).

By placing an order the buyer confirms that is familiar with these terms and conditions and agrees with them. The buyer is sufficiently informed about the terms and conditions before placing an order and has the possibility to become familiar with them.


2. Agreement Conditions and Sales Agreement

The Seller ensures all orders in line with these Agreement conditions, except the cases if contracting parties agree alternatively in writing.
Sales Agreement can be understood as an official order realized by the buyer with agreed price, claim and delivery conditions and potential amendment based on previous official price offer with all specific attributes and information from the seller´s side.
The agreement is contracted in Slovak language. In case of agreement translation for the buyer´s need into other language, the Slovak version is leading in case of legal process of expressions understanding.


3. Requests for price offers

To provide quick and effective requests for price offers, the potential buyer´s requests should include following information:  
- Company´s name with customer´s address, identification number, TAX ID, VAT ID
- phone number, fax number, e-mail address or other contact for request provision - Contact person
- required goods information ( specification, quantity, price, lead time and other…)
Price offer validity is usually 7days.After the validity period the offer must be requested and updated in case of repeated interest for shipping after the validity period.
Requests for price offer – Inquiry can be sent by following means:

1. by web interface on by inquiry tools
2. by e-mail
3. by phone  
4. by fax
5. by other way after an appointment with the seller

Each inquiry is registered under unique identification number received after placing an inquiry for identification during further communication, price offer and following order.


4. Goods order

After the buyer´s inquiry sending to the seller by one of the available method, he will receive price offer with Sales agreement via e-mail and after its acceptance, the order can be sent by following means:

1. by e-mail (by the answer to the buyer´s e-mail with the offer)
2. by other way after an appointment with seller

The Seller has a right to decline business cooperation with any company or person. If the order was properly accepted, it can be cancelled only by seller´s writing approval.
The Seller accepts the goods order and thereafter the shipping is realized but only if order price is correctly stated in buyer´s order.


5. Prices

All prices listed in official documents are wholesale prices. The final prices for the customer are calculated depending on a specific case. Price offers include prices excluding VAT for buyer´s worldwide.
Supply prices in sales agreements and payment documents are listed in Euro (EUR) or in american dollars (USD) based on agreement.
All supply prices within countries inside European Union are listed including VAT. VAT is not calculated when delivering into other European Union member countries if the receiver provides VAT identification number. VAT is also not charged when exporting goods to countries outside the EU.


6. Payment conditions

Payments are to be realized in currency listed in the invoice. The Seller pays only banking fees of his bank and does not accept any banking fees of intermediary banks and buyer´s bank. All payments must be realized without any shortening, obstructing or compensations.  If a customer does not realize the payment till the given date, the seller has a right to cancel the order or block the other shipment or fulfilment without affecting buyer´s rights or remedies.

Payment options:
- advance payment (preferred) - cash on delivery (only in special cases)
- invoice with maturity date (only in special cases)

Payment methods:
- Banking transfer or deposit account
- Credit cards  VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro
- PayPal
- Western Union


7. Way and delivery time

Goods delivery is provided by following ways:
- Courier services
- Post office
- Personal pick up (based on agreement)

Delivery time is based on agreed conditions between the seller and the buyer.
Goods in central stock are shipped after the order within 24 to 48 hours.  
Goods in external stocks are usually shipped within 4-7 working days. Special goods or catalogue goods with special requirements are shipped within 1 – 2 weeks, but the exact delivery time depends on a specific product type and the requirements.

We use the delivery services of prestigious world courier companies that are able to maintain express delivery made-to-measure.


The delivery time by courier companies is possible already in the morning of the following working day worldwide under defined conditions.

Delivery prices depend on a specific package and its characteristics (size, weight, delivery location, value).Delivery prices are provided additionally with the price offer based on the customer´s requirements and we are also willing to offer alternative way of delivery.
More information regarding ways of delivery can be found in section Worldwide Shipping.


8. Warranty conditions

Warranty for goods purchased under Sales agreement is from 12 to 24 months depending on the product type, except the goods not being subject to this period and having generally specified operating life.   Warranty period starts from the date on guarantee letter or on proof of purchase.  Goods warranty terminates by its mechanical damage either intentionally or unintentionally, by unauthorised interference with the goods, also by goods used not in line with the guarantee letter or documents conditions, or by improper handling, operation or use.  Warranty does not include faults made by natural disasters or natural wear.  Warranty also cannot be claimed if the goods are damaged during delivery.  In such case, the related damage needs to be solved with transporter when accepting the goods and the minutes to be taken about damaged package whereby the consumer will not accept the damaged goods.


9. Claim conditions

If a defect appears in purchased product, the buyer has a right to claim the defect because of the conflict in sales agreement.  If the buyer claims, the seller is obliged to inform the buyer about his rights in compliance with general wording and following consumer´s decision the buyer enforces, is obliged to set the way of handling the claim, mostly within 3days after the date of claim enforcement, in resulted cases if technical evaluation of product or service status is required, within 30days after the date of claim enforcement. The buyer has a right to claim if all warranty conditions are fulfilled. If the defect is reparable, the buyer has a right to repair the defect for free, on time and properly.  If the defect is reparable and the consumer uses the goods further and it causes inreparable defect, malfunction and uselessness, the right for claim lapses.  If the defect is inreparable or repeated reparable defect or more reparable defects that do not allow proper usage of the product, the buyer has a right to change defected goods for the new one or  withdraw from the agreement.  A claim regarding the quantity or identity of the ordered goods has to be claimed within 7days of their delivery.  The claim cannot be applied on used components.  The claim cannot include goods delivery prepared by measurement or weighting if delivered amount of components differs in tolerance ±2% to the amount of components in shipping document (based on the type of the goods. Problematic cases will be solved individually. The claim is always professionally considered. Thereafter the buyer is informed in writing if the claim is accepted or not.

Some special types of products are marked with the trade, a sealing-identification, or other mark or label. Warranty subject only to the products that will be in case of a claim still marked by such security features. Therefore, it is necessary to restore the protective elements of products throughout the relevant period or in any way guarantee deprive deleted or moved. Otherwise the goods without losing the features of warranty.


10. Agreement withdraw, Cancellation and Return of goods

The buyer has a right to withdraw from the agreement only in case of stock items. The expanses regarding goods delivery and subsequent reply without giving the reason are charged to the buyer.  The seller has a right to charge the cancellation fee listed in Sales agreement.

Agreement withdraw in case of unstored items without giving the reason is possible only after the seller´s approval in writing and also cancellation conditions of point 10a are valid.

If contract parties agree, the goods can be returned at buyer´s own risk and expenses and without damage in original condition and with complete extras of original delivery.


11. Personal data security

By registration, inquiry sending and placing an order through our web or by other communication form you agree with processing of your personal data. Hereby we undertake not to publish your personal data and not to provide them to the third parties or companies because they are used only for effective order processing. By registering or creating orders or inquiries you agree, that seller may send you informative emails with outstanding information or news even if you do not log to receive periodic newsletters.


System information

Information about the user are being collected during each website visit including domain name, IP address, browser and platform, time of the visit, the expression you were looking for and other related data. These information are used for statistical purposes and help us to improve the webpage for its visitors and our customers.

Usage of Cookies

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According to safety, the cookies includes only those information you have edited by yourself and they have no access to your hard disc or to send your personal data or other information from your computer.


12.  Conditions of website usage

Information correctness

All information and materials in our webpage can be used for providing the general information about our company, products and services.  All of these information and materials are provided with good intention to be useful for the customers.
We are always publishing the information and materials correctly, updated and the most accurate but we are not responsible for potential unintended misinformation and inaccuracy.  We do not issue announcements or guarantees regarding usage of these information or materials for specific purposes.  We reserve the right to improve, change or delete information or materials whenever without previous announcement.

Access and usage of information

Visitor´s or user´s access to this website is strictly restricted to browsing, using, downloading and saving the information available on this website exclusively for personal usage only to realize the purchase of products.
Access to this website and sharing of information and materials for commercial purposes, further use of the information, text, images, documents, or other media and information to any public or private posting on forums, blogs and other electronic or non-electronic media sites, or for any purpose other than to impose these conditions, or any entry or attempted entry into other areas of computer system or web interface of our company and the web interface, or in other areas of information for any purpose is strictly prohibited and may be an incentive for eligibility for damages or result in criminal proceedings brought against your person.