RFID-COMPONENTS.NET is a division of company electron Plus, s.r.o. engaged in the sale and distribution of various components and devices in the field of RFID and NFC technology.

We sell standard stock goods, but we also offer manufacture customized based on customer requirements.

Our products include, for example, various contact and contactless cards, RFID and NFC tags and key chains, bracelets, different tags and various RFID structural elements such as screws, nuts, washers, capsules, but also breeding identifying and marking plates and other elements.

Part of the offered range also includes various identification and security elements for stores or other equipment to protect goods such as various RFID stickers and tags also with barcode.

The associated devices include RFID and NFC readers and writers and other devices for identification and attendance systems.

Our major trading passwords to our customers are the seriousness, quality customer and shipping service and customer satisfaction.